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Anambra, Nigeria

About the Entertainer

We introduce Egwuoma Culture, where rhythm, tradition, and electrifying energy come together to create a mesmerizing cultural experience. Egwuoma Culture is an indigenous dance crew based in Anambra State, Nigeria. They are available to entertain your guests at any type of event by showcasing the essence of Nigerian culture through their graceful movements, vibrant costumes, and infectious beats. With their precise synchronization, artistic storytelling, and high-octane performances, they transport spectators to a world where tradition meets innovation, and celebration knows no bounds. You can send your enquiries with details about your event for a quote. Booking only our dancers is 100,000 naira and can go up to 300,000 if you also need drummers depending on the logistics and location of your event.


Total ₦100,000.00


 Anonymous 23-04-2022

The service was excellent. Everything went as planned and my guests had a wonderful time during our event.

 Anonymous 23-04-2022

I'm happy I didn't make a bad choice and we got the value for our money. The communication was good too. I'd easily recommend.

 Anonymous 23-04-2022

We really had fun and our event was a success thanks from the professional help we got. I highly recommend you try this service for your next event.

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